Expert explains why many are having crazy dreams during pandemic


COLUMBUS, Ohio - Zombies. Monsters. Giant bugs. People have been reporting crazy dreams during the COVID-19 pandemic. But why?

体育投注"In general, when people feel more stressed or they have more disruption to their lives, it can translate into more disturbing dreams," says Dr. Meena Khan, a neurologist at the OSU Wexner Medical Center.

Our day-to-day lives are much different now, and that's affecting the way we sleep.

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体育投注"A lot of it's related to the fact that our lives are very different now," says Dr. Khan. "With the pandemic, compared to before, for a lot of people, it's more stressful."

体育投注Dr. Khan says that added stress affects our sleep.

体育投注"That disrupts your sleep pattern," she says. "Whether it's for the better or the worse, it's different, and then a lot of those stressors sometimes can kind of introduce themselves into your dreams."

If it seems like you're able to remember your dreams more vividly, Dr. Khan says it might be because you're getting more sleep than you used to.

体育投注"Sometimes, we see people who are sleep deprived, and then when they get recovery sleep, they say that they dream more. And they may be getting more REM sleep, and so they're having more vivid dreams because of that."

Even though our schedules might be totally different these days, Dr. Khan stresses the importance of trying to maintain some sort of bedtime routine.

"Our sleep patterns, for most of us, are different," she says, "because our life, it's different. But it's still important to try to have some sort of a routine, even if your routine is different from what it was before."

To get a good night's sleep, Dr. Khan recommends "a relatively stable time that you go to bed, that doesn't vary more than a half an hour to an hour," along with getting up at the same time every morning. She also says to try to make sure your sleep environment is dark, without a lot of disruptions. She also recommends not drinking a lot of caffeine before bed.

体育投注Dr. Khan also recommends trying to stick to a routine during the day, and taking time to de-stress.

"Trying to make time for that, you know, once a day, twice a day, maybe even doing it with your family members might be a good way to try to de-stress a little bit during this time," she says. "When there's a lot of uncertainty, I know it's difficult, but it may be helpful."

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